The Lavender Scare
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    The Book

    "Every once in a long while, a work of unprecedented scholarship comes along that promises to change the way America thinks for the better. By bringing to light a virtually unknown moral wrong, a national disgrace, David Johnson's The Lavender Scare does just that."
    -- Chris Bull, The Advocate and author of Perfect Enemies

    "A heart-wrenching reminder that homosexuals faced brutal employment discrimination and endless police hostility."
    -- David J. Garrow, Los Angeles Times

    "Given the degree of injustice and the scale of suffering caused by the Lavender Scare, it seems astonishing that no one before Johnson has thought to write its history."
    -- Hugh Brogan, The Times Literary Supplement

    "David Johnson's engrossing study of the persecution of gays and lesbians during the Cold War is an important addition to a subject all too often ignored."
    -- Dallas Morning News

    "Johnson's vivid prose and careful research bring the era to life."
    -- Lisa Duggan, Girlfriends Magazine

    "Johnson's book is one of the most instructive histories of the domestic Cold War to have appeared in years, but its reach extends beyond its immediate subject to the question, which vexes us today, of achieving the right balance between freedom and security."
    -- London Review of Books

    "Dazzling social and political history..."
    -- American Journal of Sociology

    "Johnson has written a necessary, and extraordinarily compelling, social history of mid-century homophobia that should be read not only for what it tells us about then, but now as well."
    -- Michael Bronski, Bay Windows

    "The Lavender Scare is more than just a great work of history, it is a cautionary tale."
    -- Jesse Monteagudo, The Weekly News

    "A new interpretation that literally rewrites the story of this critical period."
    -- John D'Emilio, Lambda Book Report

    "Keenly observed and elegantly written, with a sense of mystery and suspense indicative of the era, Johnson's book will reorient scholarship on the Cold War."
    -- John Howard, GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies

    "After this remarkable book, we will never be able to view the McCarthy Era the same way again."
    -- George Chauncey, Yale University, author of Gay New York

    "Johnson's work assures that we shall never again be able to think about the anti-Communist crusade without acknowledging its fierce counterpart that affected so many people."
    -- Leila J. Rupp, Journal of American History

    "By demonstrating the extent to which gay history is part of mainstream history, (Johnson) continues the important academic endeavor of bringing the margins to the center."
    -- Fiona Paton, American Quarterly

    "David K. Johnson has the rare ability to bring cultural, political, social, and sexual history together in telling a story that will alternatively surprise and move readers."
    -- Leisa D. Meyer, College of William and Mary, author of Creating G.I. Jane