Frequently asked questions

Is The Lavender Scare available on DVD or VOD?

The Lavender Scare is not currently available on DVD or streaming platforms.

So how can I see The Lavender Scare?

You can see The Lavender Scare at film festivals, community screenings and other theatrical events. Sign up for our mailing list and we'll keep you posted.

How can I sponsor a screening of The Lavender Scare for my organization?

With its powerful message of diversity and determination, an event featuring The Lavender Scare is sure to be a memorable and inspirational occasion for your community group, nonprofit organization, academic conference or business. Click here for details.

Can I get a copy of The Lavender Scare for my school or library?

Yes. Contact us for details.

Can you help me with my school research project?

Unfortunately, that is something we can't do. We are a very small organization and we are unable to respond to individual requests for research assistance. We highly recommend the book The Lavender Scare by David K. Johnson. It is the basis of the documentary and is the single best source of information on the subject.

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