Film has the ability to empower educators and energize students unlike any other medium.  For colleges, universities, high schools and public libraries, we are offering a special Educational Edition of The Lavender Scare specifically created for the campus and classroom.
It is loaded with over an hour of additional video features -- such as extended interviews with leading LGBTQ historians -- designed to give faculty and students the tools to conduct further research and tailor their learning experience.  
This special package also includes a detailed screening and discussion guide designed to make it easy to put The Lavender Scare and its special video features to their best use in a teaching environment.

The Educational Edition of The Lavender Scare is provided on a double-DVD.  The purchase price includes a permanent a Public Performance License allowing for unlimited classroom or campus screenings regardless of audience size or venue type, so long as audiences are in a single location.  (In a college or university setting,  a specific campus counts as a single location.)  The double-DVD can also be added to the collection of a lending library at the same location for the private use of borrowers. 


All of the video features on the DVD are also available to be streamed directly to your students.  A Digital Site License (DSL) is available for a period of three years.

Special Video Features include:

  • The complete 75-minute film as released in theaters

  • A special 54-minute classroom edition of the film

  • Extended interviews with historians David Johnson, John D'Emilio and Lillian Faderman

  • An extended interview with LGBT pioneer Dr. Franklin E. Kameny

  • A taped Q&A with producer/director Josh Howard

  • The classic 1950s public service film Boys Beware

  • And more

The Educational Discussion Guide includes:

  • A synopsis of each scene

  • Full transcripts of the film and special video features

  • Suggested learning objectives

  • Select character biographies

  • Quick questions and conversation starters

  • Supplemental Reading List

We offer a variety of licensing options to make the film available for a wide variety of educational uses.  Choose from the options below.  Questions?Check out our FAQs or drop us a line at info@theLavenderScare.com.

DVD with Public Performance License

Colleges and Universities


High Schools and Public Libraries


  • Double-DVD with The Lavender Scare and all special features

  • Public Performance License for a single campus or location in perpetuity

Streaming with Digital Site License

  • Streaming access to The Lavender Scare and all special features

  • Three year license

  • Stream from our server or yours

Colleges and Universities


High Schools and Public Libraries


Streaming with Digital Site License


DVD with Public Performance License

  • All the benefits of both a Public Performance License and Digital Site License

Colleges and Universities


High Schools and Public Libraries


The scholarly framework of the documentary film The Lavender Scare is provided by the award-winning book of the same name by nationally recognized LGBTQ scholar David K. Johnson.  


Published by the University of Chicago Press, it is the result of his groundbreaking doctoral research at Northwestern University, and as such was subject to rigorous peer review.  It has great credibility among educators and is now required ​reading in history classes at scores of colleges and universities around the country, including:

Amherst College

Brown University

California State, Fullerton

City University of New York

Florida International University

George Washington University 

Illinois State University
Indiana University

Northwestern University

San Diego State               

Temple University

University of Alabama                   

University of California

University of Chicago     

University of Connecticut

University of Delaware

University of Georgia

University of Illinois

University of Iowa

University of Michigan

University of Southern Mississippi

University of Nevada

University of Vermont

University of Wisconsin
Yale University

“Frank Kameny (is) the hero whose story we don’t teach.  He was truly one of the key civil rights heroes and his story belongs in every classroom.”

-- Marc Aronson,

School Library Journal

“Learning about this part of our history helped me come out to a few close friends and sparked an insatiable thirst for queer history!”

-- Caitie,

Student, University of Chicago

The book The Lavender Scare “is instrumental in helping me explain the Cold War to my students.  I am eagerly looking forward to the release of the documentary.”

-- Rebecca L. Davis,

 Professor, University of Delaware


About the Educational Edition of The Lavender Scare


Why do I need a license?
The Federal Copyright Act governs how copyrighted materials such as movies may be used. In order to show a film anywhere outside of your home (including schools, community centers, public libraries, private clubs, etc.), you must purchase and own a Public Performance License.  This legal requirement applies regardless of whether an admission fee is charged, whether the institution or organization is commercial or nonprofit, or whether a federal or state agency is involved.

What are the terms of the license?

DVD:  Once you obtain the Public Performance License, it is yours forever.  You can screen the film as many times as you like, without limitation, regardless of audience size or venue type, so long as audiences are in a single location.  In a college or university setting,  a specific campus counts as a single location.   Additionally, the DVD can be added to the collection of a lending library at that location for the private use of borrowers.  Streaming:  A Digital Site License enables organizations to stream the film and all related special features from a password-protected server -- either yours or ours -- for a period of three years.   


Why is it so expensive?
Producing documentaries – particularly historical documentaries, that rely on extensive use of archival material – is a costly undertaking.  As independent filmmakers, we rely on the support of our audience to create films such as The Lavender Scare and make them available to the public.


What kind of venue can I use?
Public Performance License:  As long as the screening is not in a commercial theater, once you have purchased a Public Performance License you are free to host your event at the venue of your choice. These include museums, libraries, schools, community centers, churches, corporations, parks, etc.  Digital Site License:  Content can be viewed on a personal device through a campus or off-campus proxy IP.  Public Performance rights are not included.   


What comes with my purchase?

You will receive a DVD, a Public Performance License or a Digital Site License specific to your institution, organization or business, as well as supplemental materials.


Can I charge admission?

DVD:  The Public Performance License associated with the DVDs allows you to charge a nominal ticket price (under $20 per ticket) as a way to recoup the cost of hosting the event. The license does not permit fundraisers. If you would like to use the film for a fundraising event, please contact us.  Streaming:  The Digital Site License does not allow for public performances.

More questions?  Please drop us a line at info@theLavenderScare.com and we’ll do our best to help.

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