We believe film has the ability to empower educators and enlighten students unlike any other medium.  Beginning later this year, we will be able to offer The Lavender Scare for use in a number of educational settings.

Campus-wide screenings:  We'll include a complete Screening Kit containing a production manual, publicity materials, and other resources to insure that your showing of The Lavender Scare will be a an extraordinary event.

Classrooms:  We can provide The Lavender Scare in a condensed 49-minute version if that better fits your classroom schedule.  And we'll include a Study and Discussion Guide with suggested lesson plans and activities to help make the most out of the powerful material in the film.

Libraries:  Either as a DVD or a streaming video, The Lavender Scare will be an important addition to your school or community library.

Drop us a line now and we will let you know as soon as The Lavender Scare is available for educational distribution!

The scholarly framework of the documentary film The Lavender Scare is provided by the award-winning book of the same name by nationally recognized LGBTQ scholar David K. Johnson.  


Published by the University of Chicago Press, it is the result of his groundbreaking doctoral research at Northwestern University, and as such was subject to rigorous peer review.  It has great credibility among educators and is now required reading in history classes at scores of colleges and universities around the country, including:

Amherst College

Brown University

California State, Fullerton

City University of New York

Florida International University

George Washington University 

Illinois State University
Indiana University

Northwestern University

San Diego State               

Temple University

University of Alabama                   

University of California

University of Chicago     

University of Connecticut

University of Delaware

University of Georgia

University of Illinois

University of Iowa

University of Michigan

University of Southern Mississippi

University of Nevada

University of Vermont

University of Wisconsin
Yale University

“Frank Kameny (is) the hero whose story we don’t teach.  He was truly one of the key civil rights heroes and his story belongs in every classroom.”

-- Marc Aronson, School Library Journal

“Learning about this part of our history helped me come out to a few close friends and sparked an insatiable thirst for queer history!”

-- Caitie, blog commenter

The book The Lavender Scare “is instrumental in helping me explain the Cold War to my students.  I am eagerly looking forward to the release of the documentary.”

-- Rebecca L. Davis, Assistant Professor, University of Delaware

As colleges, universities and local school districts recognize the need to address LGBTQ history, there is an increasing demand for teaching tools that engage and inform students. The Lavender Scare documentary will play an important role in that process.  

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