Praise from Schools, Community Organizations and LGBTQ Groups

“The Lavender Scare is thoroughly engaging.  Our students were fascinated by this untold story of American history.  ‘Why haven’t I ever learned about this in school?’ they asked.  Well, thanks to this invaluable film, now they have.”

--Katherine Parker

Professor of History

Monmouth University

​“We loved the documentary.  The film provided a powerful historical perspective for all our employees, especially our younger LGBT staff, and it was a great conversation starter with our straight co-workers.” ​

--Dr. Chris LaFleur

Sandia National Laboratories

“McDermott Will & Emery screened The Lavender Scare as part of the firm’s annual pride program.  The film received rave reviews for its authenticity and bold content.  It’s touching and inspiring, and its message becomes more relevant with each passing day.” ​

--Lisa A. Linsky, Partner

 Trial Department

 McDermott Will & Emery


“We were delighted by the film and the audience reception.  Frankly, it far exceeded even my high expectations. It’s a beautiful film about a compelling story that needed to be told.”

 --Joyce Bolinger

Steering committee

Southern Arizona Senior Pride


​“Our audience members, which included senior citizens, high school and college students as well as educators and members of the LGBTQ community were in awe of the film. Thank you for sharing it with us.” 

--Eric Mora

 Outreach Coordinator

The National Steinbeck Center


It’s easy and affordable for your school, non-profit organization or business to bring the award-winning documentary The Lavender Scare to your community.


Host a screening:  You provide the venue, the projector (or a large monitor) and the audience.  We provide a DVD and a comprehensive Screening Kit to ensure your event goes flawlessly.

Add to your library:  The DVD of The Lavender Scare will be much in demand as an important addition to your collection.

We offer a tiered licensing and pricing system to make the film available to all types of institutions, organizations and businesses.

Choose the licensing option that's right for you.

Colleges and Universities



High Schools



Public Libraries



Non-Profit Organizations






All prices include:
  • DVD of The Lavender Scare
  • Permanent Public Performance License
  • Comprehensive event planning guide
  • Discussion guide with suggestions for a follow-up Q&A session 
  • Promotional materials, such as high resolution still photos, artwork for posters and flyers, and video clips
Standard shipping and sales tax is included in the price. 
Questions?  Check out our FAQs or drop us a line at



Why do I need a license?
The Federal Copyright Act governs how copyrighted materials such as movies may be used. In order to show a film anywhere outside of your home (including schools, community centers, public libraries, private clubs, etc.), you must purchase and own a Public Performance License.  This legal requirement applies regardless of whether an admission fee is charged, whether the institution or organization is commercial or nonprofit, or whether a federal or state agency is involved.

What are the terms of the license?

Once you obtain the license, it is yours forever.  You can screen the film as many times as you like, without limitation, regardless of audience size or venue type, so long as audiences are in a single location.  In a college or university setting,  a specific campus counts as a single location.   Additionally, the DVD can be added to the collection of a lending library at that location for the private use of borrowers.


Why is it so expensive?
Producing documentaries – particularly historical documentaries, that rely on extensive use of archival material – is a costly undertaking.  As independent filmmakers, we rely on the support of our audience to create films such as The Lavender Scare and make them available to the public.


What kind of venue can I use?
As long as the screening is not in a commercial theater, once you have purchased a Public Performance License you are free to host your event at the venue of your choice. These include museums, libraries, schools, community centers, churches, corporations, parks, etc.


What comes with my purchase?

You will receive a DVD, a Public Performance License specific to your institution, organization or business, as well as supplemental materials to ensure the success of your event.


When can I screen the film?

As soon as you receive the DVD, you can host a screening whenever you like.  And because the screening license is unlimited, you can show the film as many times as you choose (at the same venue).


Can I charge admission?

The licensing associated with the DVDs allows you to charge a nominal ticket price (under $20 per ticket) as a way to recoup the cost of hosting the event. Our DVDs cannot be used for fundraisers. If you would like to use the film for a fundraising event, please contact us.

What is your replacement policy?

In the rare case of defective media, we will always replace the item free of charge.


Are your DVDs & DVD-Rs region encoded? Are they PAL or NTSC?

DVDs are formatted to be all-region, so they should play on DVD players around the world.


Do you offer streaming rights?

Not yet… but soon!


More questions?  Please drop us a line at and we’ll do our best to help.

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